Ceano Cosmetics

Ceano Cosmetics

Cosmetics for body care Ceano Cosmetics

Ceano Cosmetic is a Latvian company founded in 2005 producing high quality hand-made cosmetics for bathing and body care. They have their headquarter on the Baltic Sea – in Riga, where natural cosmetics are created and exported around the world.

All Ceano Cosmetic products are made of natural ingredients such as: oils, plant extracts, dried plants, essential oils, beeswax.

The company cultivates tradition and puts the magical effects of plants into each of its products. Natural cosmetics Ceano Cosmetic is not only bath liquids, body lotions and hand-made soaps. This is a wealth of natural products with a beautiful fruity fragrance that not only cleans but protects the skin against moisture loss. Then change your bathroom into your own home spa


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