Euphorium Brooklyn

Euphorium Brooklyn

Euphorium Brooklyn is based on the story of “Euphorium Bile Works”, founded in 1860 in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. Inspiration, concepts, notes and notebooks from the world of “Euphorium Bile Works”, have been researched to recreate the Euphorium Brooklyn Eau de Parfum collection. The Euphorium Brooklyn crest features a chimera composed of a Stag, Bear, and Dragon to represent the three founders Etienne Chevreuil (Stag), Rudolph Komodo (Dragon) and Christian Rosenkreuz (Bear).

Beginning with rich and fragrant extractions from around the globe, we are exacting about the quality, origin and distillation processes of our materials as it defines the history and unique character of every perfume in the collection. Sourced from the finest rare and exotic oils, tinctures, and absolutes, the original 19th century Euphorium Brooklyn perfume formulae are handcrafted in small batches and traditional euphoria inducing Komodo Process.
Animal-friendly accords reproduce 19th century animalic perfumery materials such as ambergris, castoreum, and civet. Batch numbers are hand written on every label as each batch of perfume varies in subtle ways from harvest to harvest. Packaging materials are made from recycled paper products and assembled in Brooklyn, New York.

A Note on the Euphorium Brooklyn Story Euphorium Brooklyn is based on the fictional narrative of the Euphorium Bile Works. The story and it’s characters are fictional and not intended to represent any person living or deceased. Although the narrative is presented in a historical/ biographical context, no actual historical events or personae are intended to be represented.


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