French perfumes Hayari.

French Perfume Hayari brand appeared on the market in 2011 and immediately gained a large group of enthusiasts. Just like a woman who is a muse of Nabil Hayari, the compositions of this brand are mysterious, subtle and seductive.

Encouraged by his partner Hugues Alard, Hayari created the most beautiful women’s fragrances celebrating love and the tempting complexity of women’s nature. Floral, woody, oriental fragrance notes mixed by Nabil in olfactory bottles are received from the distillation of rare ingredients. These niche fragrances are prepared according to the recipes of the old French perfume tradition and are the perfect completion to the haute couture dress made by the owner of the brand. Like from the rich perfume accords, you get perfume bouquets of flowers, likewise Hayari brings out the most perfect scents from flowers and turns them into … the most beautiful fragrances.


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