Naomi Goodsir

Naomi Goodsir

Australian artist Naomi Goodsir, with her artistic spirit, enriches the world of fashion, accessories and fragrances.

After completing her studies of fashion design in Sydney, Naomi trained her skills to become a modist and create unique head-dress for over a decade. Her characteristic style and knowledge of know-how have enabled cooperation with a large group of designers in Australia and abroad. Numerous co-ops resulted in creating unique creations for fashion runaways and regular collections.

Naomi Goodsir co-creates a unique art with the creative director Renaud Coutaudier – a visionary with similar preferences, whose artistic delicacy was captured by fashion houses and artists. They both decided to express their sensitivity to art and aesthetic insight by creating a common, perfumery universe.

Naomi Goodsir Parfums brand is famous for co-working with independent perfumers who, from generation to generation, have much contribute to the growth of the perfume’s highest quality prestige.

Made in France.


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