Orto Parisi

Orto Parisi

This project I wanted to dedicate to him that partially has inspired me. First I thought of his biography, but while writing it I got bored, realizing I never read biographies myself.

The idea rooted from the fact that he, my grandfather Vincenzo, used buckets to collect both his needs that timely ended up fertilizing the garden. In his garden hovered an air of infinite.

So, hereby:

To my grandfather Vincenzo Parisi and to those that seize the time in experiencing and diffusing the perfume of life.


The parts of the body that carry more smell are those where more soul is collected.

The strong smells have become unpleasant to us, because the excess of soul is intolerable to the extent that our innate animalism is repressed and breaking from civilisation.

This project is my garden. I have planted, fertilized, cultivated and harvested. Orto Parisi states that our body is experienced like a garden and its smells are true mirror of our soul.


The bottles are inspired by a flask, a container full of liquids that will completely satisfy any thirst.
Labels are made of cotton fiber in a natural color of a rope decorated by herringbone paving texture – a symbol of male elegance.

Corks were cast from solid metal. Each of them was created in a separate alchemical process.
The incrustation of the top part was achieved using natural materials such as wood, nuts or antlers.

The boxes open like flowers, their walls resemble the fleshiness of delicate, suede petals. Primitive, single-cell creatures, similar to fungi or amoebae, were a direct contribution to the logo design.


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