The Different Company

The Different Company

The Different Company is a modern vision of luxury perfumery. The uniqueness of the brand is not only a result of fragrances, but also of their binding and a exceptional concept. The aim of the brand is searching for pure beauty in the contemporary perfumery, unique and charming.

The ultimate effect is the feeling of full luxury. Pleasure, elegance, uniqueness of products and perfection of fragrances are considered to be pillars of the brand.

Modern bottles are made of high quality glass, polished by flame, with the possibility of using an atomizer or splash. he brand is dedicated to creative action and also driven by it. Jean-Claude Ellena and Thierry de Baschmakov created the first unique compositions. Currently Jean-Claude’s daughter -Ellena runs the brand and also working with the fashion house Hermés.

Unique bindings, innovative bottles, unusual compositions – this is the uncompromising nature of The Different Company. Being different is the ultimate luxury.


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