Tom Daxon

Tom Daxon

I grew up in a fragrant environment. My mother, a chemist with 30 years of experience, let me try to create perfumes in her scented laboratory in Grasse, using the oils hidden in green bottles – this early, fragrant experience began a deep love of fragrances.

In my company, we want to create the best fragrances. We are not looking for a target group, we do not create marketing plans – scents are created according to my personal preferences and what I would like to dress people. Inspiration can come from nothing, but often it comes from one, the leading ingredient: flower, wood. The cost and time are never taken into account, which means that the time of creating the fragrance can last from several months to several years. I know my perfumers since I was 4 years old. Jacques and Carla Chabert are extremely talented and have a lot of experience, as father – daughter team bring my visions to life. They created for such brands as Chanel, Guerlain and L Oreal, now they work independently of large corporations, thanks to which they can ensure that the quality of everything they create is the highest.

From the initial information I give to perfumers, I go through several rounds of tests to find a fragrance that perfectly reflects my vision. Essential oils are mixed in France and then ripen in England, before bottling, for at least six weeks. Thanks to this, they obtain a greater depth of aroma, expressed through ingredients. I hope that the created fragrances will bring joy to everyone who wears them and that they will be appreciated.



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