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Product description

You probably remember that according to JMP Artisan Perfumes different types of art interact with each other. For this reason, when creating a new collection of perfumes, we made sure that it was also interpreted by an interesting artist. We are happy to announce that this time we invited Mr. Dariusz Klimczak to cooperate on the project. Mr. Dariusz Klimczak, operating under the artistic nickname Kwadrart, is an artist by profession. He has been involved in photography for over 30 years. He creates photographic collages, usually surreal. He is faithful to square frames and most of his work is black and white.
The time has come to reveal the name of the new perfume line: Composite Collection. Why Composite? As in the case of the first collection, we used a term related to the field of art represented by the artist cooperating with us (in this case, Mr. Dariusz Klimczak Kwadrart). Composite is a technique also known as a collage or photomontage. It consists in precisely cutting out elements from different photos required to create a separate composition. This is an old technique, almost a hundred years old, used by Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Alexander Rodchenko. In the past, collages were made with scissors (paper prints were the base), now Photoshop is used for this, some call it a digital darkroom.
Eccentricity perfumes fit into the trend of molecular perfumery of 21st century. Like the most interesting works of surrealism, they provoke reflection on the fragrance trends they contain. Their multidimensional sweetness hides woody, musky and gourmand nuances.
Top notes: carmel, rose, cherry, jasmine, coconut Middle notes: sandalwood, vanilla, cappuccino, almond, butter Base notes: white musk, ambergris

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