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Smooth and creamy this neat, slightly fruity fragrance is at once supple and tightrope-taut. Like a three ring circus, Suedois spotlights several different incarnations of suede simultaneously. On stage right, a duo of fruits (raspberry and raisin) perform an acrobatic routine on swings knit of wildflowers, petitgrain and labdanum, a Watteauian rendering of suede’s lighter side. Center stage, the lion tamer of this circus (a persona of patchouli, sandalwood and peru balsam) wields a suede whip to master a parade of prancing pups; coumarin, nutmeg, sage, cardamom and anise skip and nip, a carousel of spice come to life. At stage left, cream and oakmoss are amorphous, silken sword swallowers who display an expansive ability to absorb–smoking daggers of ambergris, elemi, myrrh, and birch. Barnum and Bailey (castoreum and ambergris) are an invisible duo who enable and synthesize the drama of Suedois. Playful and long-lasting, the newest scent by Euphorium Brooklyn is delicious, multi-faceted fun. Smooth some on and get ready to shine.
Notes: Indonesian sandalwood, Swedish wildflower, petitgrain, raspberry, raisin, labdanum, clary sage, oakmoss, cardamom, elemi, myrrh, patchouli, nutmeg, anise, cassia, benzoin, peru balsam, coumarin, vanilla cream, suede, castoreum, ambergris, birch tar, cade, tonka, musk

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