„Lulua” means pearl in the Arabic language - one of the most precious gem called in antient times „tears of the ocean”. Since 2007, we invite our guests to the extraordinary world of niche fragrances, which are the result of our constant searches for the most intriguing and outstanding compositions. The uniqueness of the fragrances we offer, seduces with mystery you can reveal step by step in the notes of the head, heart and base. The ancients attributed pearls to divine origin - our unique fragrances are created by scent enthusiast and laboratories of visioners - often hand-made from unusual ingredients of the highest quality. They will amaze and delight you with the...

Imaginary Authors

Imaginary Authors is born from the concept of scent as art and art as provocation. Like a good book, these scents are meant to inspire you. In these bottles are layered narratives that are sure to generate stirring conversation, fragrances that might be capable of changing the course of your own personal story. The hope is that they not only invigorate and intoxicate, but also take you to new places. Each Imaginary Authors fragrance follows a compelling storyline peppered with intriguing twists. These are scents to curl up with, to share with friends, to take with you wherever you go, and to return to again and again for a uniquely transcendent experience.


I was born and raised in St. Clair, Michigan, about an hour north of Detroit. Where I’m from, if you didn’t work in the automobile field, you were most likely unemployed. While each factory may produce a different car part, every factory was exactly the same: Production and Numbers. To get out of that scene, I learned how to paint and wrench on motorcycles. As I worked, I loved the scent of dirt, grease, oil and sometimes blood from a busted knuckle. I’ve always been captivated by scents; gasoline, stamped steel, plastic, trees, earth, and eventually a name was forged, Kerosene.

Beaufort London

BeauFort London offers uniquely British perfumery driven by curiosity and inspired by the sea. The creation of musician and writer Leo Crabtree (whose life-long love of fragrance and preoccupation with the darker elements of British history are the collection’s impetus) BeauFort London’s brand identity recalls a very British obsession. Born into a family of artists, psychologists and sailors, Crabtree’s first home was a boat on the River Thames. “The sea, its traditions, superstitions and way of life are ingrained in me. The name ‘BeauFort London’ (derived from the 1805 wind force scale*) represents a kind of framework within which we can understand ourselves: The wind is constant, enduring, but ultimately changeable and potentially destructive” It is fitting then, that his first fragrance creations, the ‘Come Hell or High Water’ Triptych draw heavily from Britain’s nautical past for inspiration. The collection is to be bold, sometimes contrary, but at all times driven by innate curiosity and a desire to expand experience. Working closely with the most accomplished perfumers in Great Britain, these fragrances tap the window of the nations’ collective subconscious: they endeavour to cast light on moments past, fragments of our shared history brought fleetingly to life and carried on the wind.


Since 1945 the German company MÜHLE offers luxury shaving accessories and shaving products. The brand is characterized by traditional, hand-made, elegant design and modern production methods. High quality materials: brushes made of natural badger bristles, razors with elegant handles, aromatic soaps and shaving creams make the skin soft and young.

Comme des Garçons

The COMME des GARÇONS brand has over 80 scents in its offer. It was founded in 1973 by the Japanese queen of \ “anti-fashion \” Rei Kawakubo. Initially, she specialized in the production of the modernist youth collection. In 1994, the first fragrance of COMME des GARÇONS was created, titled the name of the brand itself. These original perfumes immediately won the hearts of all those who wanted to dress in avant-garde notes. These original perfumes immediately won the hearts of all those who wanted to dress in avant-garde notes. Honey-spiced composition wrapped in a sweet fragrance of sandalwood and incense is still popular among a large group of clients. Exclusive perfumes COMME des GARÇONS were created in cooperation with the creators of A. Lie, J.CH. Herault, M. Buxton, A. Maisondieu, L. Sieuzak, IFF, E. Coppermann, B. Duchaufour, F. Idier, E. Boulanger, F. Caron, Y. Vasnier, Fran, M.A. Couture-Bluche, N. Feisthauer and A. Guichard. The breakthrough for the COMME des GARÇONS brand and the first real boom in the market of modern perfumery wa, Odeur 53’s fresh fragrance – the essence of a modern technological world! And in the composition you can find: oxygen, a flash of metal, laundry drying in the wind, coal, sand dunes, nail polish, roasted gum, cellulose, sun-heated rocks… How do the other fragrances smell? – “Comme des Garcons”! (“Like boys”!) From Paris, London, Tokyo.


Cosmetics Dr Sebagh are complex products that make everyday face care a pleasure. The internationally known brand has been specializing in the production of creams for over 20 years and has enthusiast all over the world including Madonna, Elle Macpherson and Cindy Crawford. Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh is a specialist in the field of plastic surgery, therefore anti-wrinkle cosmetics combine great knowledge with the most advanced technology. Face dermocosmetics are products with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals that allow you to experience the “Sebagha effect” on your own skin. Especially recommended for people looking for global anti-aging solutions. After applying them, the complexion immediately becomes glow, looks radiant and young. In our offer you can find, among others: anti-wrinkle face cream, point cream, moisturizing cream, eye cream and many other products delaying the skin aging process.

Euphorium Brooklyn

Euphorium Brooklyn is based on the story of “Euphorium Bile Works”, founded in 1860 in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. Inspiration, concepts, notes and notebooks from the world of “Euphorium Bile Works”, have been researched to recreate the Euphorium Brooklyn Eau de Parfum collection. The Euphorium Brooklyn crest features a chimera composed of a Stag, Bear, and Dragon to represent the three founders Etienne Chevreuil (Stag), Rudolph Komodo (Dragon) and Christian Rosenkreuz (Bear). FORMULATIONS Beginning with rich and fragrant extractions from around the globe, we are exacting about the quality, origin and distillation processes of our materials as it defines the history and unique character of every perfume in the collection. Sourced from the finest rare and exotic oils, tinctures, and absolutes, the original 19th century Euphorium Brooklyn perfume formulae are handcrafted in small batches and traditional euphoria inducing Komodo Process. Animal-friendly accords reproduce 19th century animalic perfumery materials such as ambergris, castoreum, and civet. Batch numbers are hand written on every label as each batch of perfume varies in subtle ways from harvest to harvest. Packaging materials are made from recycled paper products and assembled in Brooklyn, New York. A Note on the Euphorium Brooklyn Story Euphorium Brooklyn is based on the fictional narrative of the Euphorium Bile Works. The story and it’s characters are fictional and not intended to represent any person living or deceased. Although the narrative is presented in a historical/ biographical context, no actual historical events or personae are intended to be represented.

Perfumeria Lulua jest sklepem stacjonarnym i internetowym, który sprzedaje starannie wyselekcjonowane perfumy damskie i męskie, zapachy do domu w formie dyfuzorów i świec, kosmetyki do ciała, pomady do wąsów oraz akcesoria do golenia dla panów. W swojej ofercie posiadamy produkty 44 różnych producentów. 

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