Lulua Katowice

Since December 2016, Lulua perfumery can also be found in the center of Katowice at Staromiejska St. surrounded by beautiful tenement houses full of good restaurants and cafes. Deciding on this place, we wanted to raise interest among residents of products that have not been available so far and to please connoisseurs of perfumes from all over Silesia. The fragrant interior full of bright colors combined with warm wood brings into a pleasant mood, friendly atmosphere and professional service make this a place of relaxation and good choices."

„Lulua” means pearl in the Arabic language – one of the most precious gem called in antient times „tears of the ocean”. 

Since 2007, we invite our guests to the extraordinary world of niche fragrances, which are the result of our constant searches for the most intriguing and outstanding compositions. The uniqueness of the fragrances we offer, seduces with mystery you can reveal step by step in the notes of the head, heart and base.

The ancients attributed pearls to divine origin – our unique fragrances are created by scent enthusiast and laboratories of visioners – often hand-made from unusual ingredients of the highest quality.

They will amaze and delight you with the uniqueness of the natural harmony flowing from the inside of the bottles that we have brought for you from the remotest corners of the world.

In our perfumeries in beautiful Krakow’s Kazimierz and industrial Katowice, we will give you a secret of seduction with a fragrance, we will wrap you with a unique aura that will become an expression of your individuality.

With Crushing Bloom by british creator Tom Daxon, you will get the scent of spring flowers, among which insects arebustling happily. You will discover a patch of blue reflected in the salty mirror of Walk the Sea by Kerosene. Fig treefromitalian Amalfi Coast will give you generously its fruits, and the cold, rosy cheekswill get a delicate, velvet touch of Moth’s wings from Zoologist group. During the winter time the memory of warming tea with ginger at Five o’clock and sweet cinnamon cocoa in aromatic Mogadess will return.