Etat Libre d'Orange

Etat Libre d'Orange

French perfumes Etat Libre D`Orange.

Etat Libre D`Orange is a French perfumery house for real enthusiasts of unusual fragrances. Their creator, Etienne de Swardt, comes from South Africa – it was the origin of the brand’s name. He worked for such fashion houses as Givenchy or LVMH and that opened him the doors to Paris.

The beginning of the perfumery house in 2006 is its response to the frames imposed by traditional perfumery and modern taboos. It’s expressed by the perverse motto of the brand “Le parfume est mort, vive le parfum!” – perfume died, let perfume live!

The original French perfume Etat Libre D`Orange quickly gained a reputation for provocative and unusual compositions, also controversial names and frames. Explosive mixture of irony, perfect matter and ambiguous names compose the most beautiful fragrances that intrigue, surprise, touch but, in the first place, seduce, seduce, seduce!

Swardt cooperates with experienced perfumers, and he calls himself the “editor” of a perfumery house. The Ich & Carl team is responsible for the unique aesthetics of packaging.


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