100 Tweeds EDP

Euphorium Brooklyn



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Product description

Euphorium's 6th scent is stronger, denser and more evocatively melancholic than any of its predecessors. Not the soft, wet woolen you may have been expecting, 100 Tweeds smells like cold water, hard, precise labor, harder, coarse dyes and the forgotten animals, people and structures that populated the landscape requiring such durable fabric. An initial gust of heather brings to mind a plant, hanging by a few tenacious roots on the sea edge of a bluff. Though a familiar, softly herbal floral, this heather is wind blown and worn; its sweetness is immediately fleeting. Lavender, iris and clary sage offer to support this floral plateau, it is the hard scrabble hawthorn that gives the wearer that first fugitive glimpse of life on the edge. Move toward the heart of the fragrance on the winged heels of calamus, we dive down the cliff and encounter–as if hovering before this rock face mid-air–prolific ivy, it's glossy leaves toughened by brackish sea spray. Ivy's green net is populated by subcutaneous lichen and moss, tufts of this tender sprout spaced at irregular intervals throughout the shiny, spade-shaped leaves. The air drifting of this vegetal cliffside is a rich steam of herbs and spice, calling to mind a beggar’s broth comprised only of water, parsley seed, oregano, and a costly flick of black pepper. This savory humidity eventually dissipates to reveal a treetop canopy, the top of woods that wait beneath this cloud level. These ancient trees grow out of salt water, the tides caressing their knobby roots. Himalayan cedar wood and guaiac wood make up this woodsy wetland, errant puffs of amyris, sweet tobacco and oakmoss sprouting from the honeyed slick of the trees sap stained bark. Creatures clomp, trot and swim through the trees, filling the air with varying degrees of their sweet ripe smells (hides like benzoin, little furs like tonka bean, feathers like orris and large furs reek of castoreum). From the top of this wind struck cliff to the bottom of this briny forest, 100 Tweeds is a dark, densely packed mystery. A scent this complex has no predictable outcome. There is only the intrepid journey of each wear. As long lasting as it is multifaceted, 100 Tweeds remains a unique mystery.
Notes: heather and heath, bracken, lichen, moss, berry, honey, balsam, peat, mordent, musk

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