Colonia Ambra 100 ml EDCC

Acqua di Parma





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Product description

From Venice through Damascus, Bukhara, and Samarkand – also known as the Rome of the East – to boundless China, and then far-away Madagascar, mysterious India, and the fabulous Moluccan Islands. A region busy with trade caravans, rich in language and its mix of cultures. A journey through time with Marco Polo, along the intriguing routes of the Silk Road. Alongside one of the greatest Western travellers to explore lands and cities rich of spices and textiles, languages and music styles, sciences and religions. At the court of the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan, surrounded by millennia-old inventions and secrets, Marco Polo came to know unfamiliar essences, such as rare ambergris, which Chinese practitioners used in their pharmacopoeia. A substance that the Venetian explorer called ambrum and took back on his long journey home, alongside an enormous wealth of memories and stories. Venetian master perfume-makers, charmed by the warm and intense scent of this natural essence, added it in tiny amounts – due to its high value – to precious, exquisite fragrances intended for Venetian aristocrats.

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