Colonia Mirra EDCC

Acqua di Parma





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Product description

Along the Via Sacra of perfumes Muscat. At the hour of sunset, the streets and windows are dotted with small coloured lanterns where incense and myrrh unleash their vibrant aromas. From the capital of ancient Oman, since the third century before Christ, long caravans carried, through steep mountains, lowlands and endless deserts, their cargo of spices, fragrances and rare essences. A slow and tireless crossing, until the kingdom of Saba, to Jordan and the mythical road of the Wise Men. To then reach the Mediterranean until arriving in Rome, where the highly prized Oriental resins were in great demand, burnt during religious ceremonies. A long journey on the Via Sacra of perfumes. An adventure on the trails of the Orient from which Colonia Mirra was born.

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