Cryptical Envelopment Extract

Olympic Orchids






Product description

A special edition for the Çafleurebon “Name that Tune” project, this fragrance is inspired by the 1968 Grateful Dead composition “Cryptical Envelopment/The Other One“. It is a psychedelic ramble from brightly blooming surreal flower garden to a mystical death and reawakening on the “bus to never ever land”. In the end, though, you can’t help but be “busted for smiling on a cloudy day”, or any other day for that matter. This is a big happy fragrance with floral tobacco and animalic undertones. The 30 ml special edition bottle comes with a tassel-and-turquoise stone decoration.
Notes: Rose, aromatic tobacco, lily, patchouli, davana, ginger, champaca, civet, dark musk, tolu balsam

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