De Bachmakov EDP

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Product description

A Woody - Aromatic fragrance by Céline Ellena A journey through the frozen Siberian forests The history of Russia and the family of Thierry meet since 1587. This perfume was born, combining the talents of perfumer Céline Ellena and designer Thierry de Baschmakoff. Inspired by the Great Russia, its Siberian forests, taiga and tundra, Thierry and Celine give us a fragrance with Cedar wood notes mingled with fresh moss and spikes of Shiso leaves as well as other spices notes (Nutmeg, Coriander). An extremely contemporary fragrance, dense and vibrant, about an unknown Russia, modern and ancient, cutting-edge fashion and eternal traditions. Notes: Coriander Leaves, Bergamot, Fig, Shiso Leaves, Nutmeg, White Freesia, Cedarwood, Musky notes

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