Product description

A few historical facts We are pleased to present the fifth fragrance of the Comme des Garcons home, listed under the code name DOT - the last composition from all those created in the last 20 years. Until now, the Comme des Garcons brand has created over 75 fragrances that mirror the various themes and concepts, but only five of them were created in the perfumery house Comme des Garcons. Short story Rei Kawakubo wanted DOT to be a composition based on osmanthus flowers, which decorates autumn parks and roadsides throughout Japan. For this reason, the artistic director of CDG, Christian Astugueville, worked with perfumer Lucas Sieuzac over the osmanthus flower, recreating its fragrance and creating a new world around it. Lucas's goal was not only to capture its fragrance, but also to recreate this mystical, alluring aroma that penetrates the air of Japanese parks. CDG DOT combines a romantic note of osmanthus and fruity tones, flowing from the flowers decorating it with radiant green notes, smelling its leaves. Everything mixes with the chord of white amber wood, reflecting the bark of a tree. A little olibanum and the essence of pepper were added to the whole to enhance the spicy nature of incense. Scent notes: green, deciduous notes, bitter orange, pepper, absolut osmanthus, olibanum, white, amber wood

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