Nuit de Bakélite EDP

Naomi Goodsir






Product description

Naomi Goodsir’s perfumes are composed around emblematic raw materials of fine perfumery - a leather, an incense, a tobacco, an iris ... They all have a distinct olfactory identity through facets & texture. Nuit de Bakélite is our interpretation of the nocturnal flower tuberose. It hints the premise (seed) of a narcotic lady ..... Green, obsessive & addictive. „Tuberose sap, peeled tuberose, tuberose in a cage made of green and leather, a focus on the small peduncle that connects the flower to the stem, the sound of plastic when several stalks of tuberose tangle, the wild majesty of the Persian tuberose” Quote by Isabelle Doyen. Notes: tubereuse, green notes, angelica, artemisia, cardamom, karo karounde, ylang-ylang, styrax, clover, leather

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