Salamanca Ekstrakt

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Product description

Salamanca is a Spanish university town halfway between Madrid and the Portuguese border, an island of culture in the middle of “charro” (cowboy) country, the part of Spain where bulls aare raised for the ring, and acorn-fed pigs are raised for the famous air-cured jamon (ham). To capture the midsummer atmosphere of dusty, sweet fields of dry grass and weeds, old stone buildings and the leather goods sold in the shops on the Rua Mayor, Salamanca is for all lovers of leather, hay, hot sun beating on dry grass, and water evaporating from wet stones by the trickling river. Most of all, it’s for those who love old stone cities, hot sun, and wide-open spaces basking under a crystalline blue sky. Released 2012.
Notes: hay absolute, tonka, mitti (an attar made in India by distilling the scent of clay), vetiver, immortelle absolute, African helichrysum oil, labdanum absolute, opoponax, a leather accord created especially for use in this fragrance, and yellow mimosa absolute.

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