Usar 50 ml EDP

Euphorium Brooklyn



0.5ml sample








Product description

Usar is a luminous thrill. Cassia is a shimmering note of spicy floral dimension that enables additional levity into this formulation. Nestled between the terse, linear structure of Javanese lime, the light-refracting, rhizomatic resplendence of ginger and the cloudy, camphoric haze of clove, cassia’s sweetness creates an easy segue into the tangy, refreshing sweetness of palm sugar. A nose’s muddle, these top and middle notes macerate, eventually evolving into the evaporating magic of fragrant resins. As this core of Usar emerges, this vaporous collective is bewitching but remarkably transparent in its magic; behind the voile-like scrim of smoldering scent, the piquant, soil-rich intensity of Vetiver is discernible, and out of this dark, verdant earth, warm woods grow and roots burrow. A softer, more summer-ready formula, this new iteration of Usar is sure to please all fans of Euphorium and gain some new devotees in the process.
Notes: Javanese lime, ginger, clove, cassia, palm sugar, fragrant resins, vetiver, warm wood, roots, earth

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