Wald EDP

Euphorium Brooklyn

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Product description

Delightfully bright and sharp, this alcohol-based version of Wald emerges from a formulaic overhaul eagerly, a shot of pure energy that sparkles and shimmers as it bounds through the forest of Christian Rosenkreuz's imagination. Initially aggressively verdant, fir and pine paint a portrait of the wild in dark blues, searing teals and mossy greens. Cedar billows around them, a ochre-colored smog that hangs, like the faintest trace of forest fire, in the thin, pure air. Slowly the damp piquancy of rotting leaves and melting pine needles rise to balance the luminous insurgency of the starker notes. Dry birch compounds the soothing effects of disintegrating forest floor, its smoky linearity softened by the sweet, sap-richness of maple syrup. As we nestle into the increasingly rich textures of Wald, temperatures rise, as if we have retreated to a comfortable cabin, from which to witness this wild woodsy, world. Even from inside, we can still feel the lush, insistent cool of moss, grass and earth. Wald is an otherworldly, natural beauty.
Notes: fir, thuja, cedar, elemi, frankincense, juniper, artemisia, cistus, clove, nutmeg, fern, fresh grass, smoke, honey, maple syrup, moss, decaying fruit, vetiver, agarwood, birch tar, animal skin, castoreum, damp earth

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